Sleepy DragonĀ“s Starlight menu

Heavenly cream1000A simple, yet delicate layered dessert. Whipped cream topped with egg cream, crumbled cookies at the base. If you ask Navy he didn't want to sell them, he wanted all of them for himself. You should really try it.
Dragon Treasure1500A smaller variation of the traditional Golden Bread, a precious jewel filled with lemon cream and sparkles. Important: Might seems small and harmless, but the quantity of butter is barely under the maximum legal percentage accepted for Eorzean food.
Shooting star1000Small and cute cinnamon stars plucked from the stary sky. Hold them in your hands, make a wish and it will all come true. (We dont take any responsability for non realised wishes.)
Starlight Symphony1500Our special blend for this year is made with cranberry, lemon, mint and honey and a touch of cinnamon. A concert of ingredients that will warm your soul during cold nights.
Ishgardian Spiced Wine2000A classical Ishgardian recipe, with some touch from Sleepy Dragon staff. The typical recipe is made with red wine, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, apples... and other secret ingredients!! Since is an alcholic beverage we recommand to do not exagerate!


Chocobo Kisses500A sweet roll of dough mixed with cinnamon and sugar and sprinkled with a thin coat of butter.
Leviathan's Tresure500Little chocolate pearls that melt in your mouth. You can choose between white, milk and dark chocolate.
Shiva's Delight500The chillest ishgardian ice directly on your table accompanied with syrup of choice.
Pixie Mischievousness250A soft cheesecake made with the sweetest rolanberries.
Coeurl Loaf500Toasted slices of bread accompanied with compote and butter.
Fireflies Rest350A blueberry muffin that sometimes can emit a light glow.
Soap Bubbles500A popular hingashi sweet in the form of glutinous balls that are hold by a stick.
Seedseer's Favourite100An apple pie made with a especial secret recepie.
Dragon's Treat350A salty quiche for the ones that need some pause from all the sweetness.
Sweet Dreams250The classic chocolate cake frosted with buttercream.
Rabbit Hop100A little carrot pie in a shape of a rabbit.
Mt. Gulg700Panna cotta with strawberry syrup dressed like a little volcano.
Ifrit's Horn1000A croissant with the tips a bit pointer than usual.
Kitty Embrace1000A stack of pancakes that can be accompained with toppings and syrup of choice.
Ginger Men1000A ginger cookie shaped like a person, be carefull to not let it run away.


Milkshake50You can choose between the following flavours, chocolate, banana, rolanberry and blueberry.
Assorted Juices50Any flavour you can think of we have it.
Spring Water50Fresh spring water from the nearest source.
Moogle Cuddles1000A hot chocolate served with a red marshmallow to recreate the pom pom magic.


Full Moon100Made with young tea leafs and unopened peony buds. This tea was a mild flavour that goes well with foods.
Flower Field150A selected blend to create an infusion of herbs that calm your mind and body.
Deep Florest200A Higashi tea made with leaves that are covered from sunlight. It was a deep and sweet flavour.
Eden Garden300Made with the top tea leaves and buds from the tea trees. The flavour is floral and fruity.
Sunset Breeze500A fresh mint tea that is equally sweet.


Sultana's awakening400Sweet and mild
Thanalan pearls400Roasted
Sailor's favourite400Sour with just a tear of alcohol
Sharlayan's students secret blend400Bitter and extra strong!
Thavnairian dreams400Dry and spicy

Get a plushie!

Are you a bit lonely and miss some cuddly company? Sleepy Dragon was a wide variety of plushies that you can adopt and take with you on your next adventures.
All of them are carefully crafted by hand to make sure they are ready for all that may be coming on your way.

Ifrit20000A little entusiastic fireball, ready for any battle.
Garuda20000The perfect buddy to share some gossip.
Shiva20000Always entusiastic for a snowball fight.
Leviathan20000The right guide to show you the wonders of the deep.
Titan20000He will crush your worries.
Ramuh20000A wise man to help you on the thoughest decisions.
Aldgoat20000Loves headpats and belly rubs.
Qiqirn20000Will give you love and cuddles for free.
Hraesvelgr100000This little dragon will protect your dreams (good vibes included).

(The products sold are minions. Hraesvelgr is a tabletop for the house.)

Dream Room

There are moments where your mind gets heavy and you seem to have lost the way on your path.
For those moments the Dream Room offers a safe and kind space where you can confide your worries in a judment free environment.
Every consultation is confidencial and we will do our best to give you a professional advice.
Each consultation was the duration of 30 minutes with a limit of 2 persons at the time. The fee is 10,000 gil with an extra 5,000 if there is an extra person.
(If you wish to make a consultation out of the venue opening hours contact us by discord. AngelTears#5670/Bunnico#6674 or in game by sending a message to Eztia Vaux/Navyan Grayglow.)